Interview to ECO VISION

Question 1: With which characteristics are Turkish and Azerbaijan political relations different in 2011 and in this context is it possible to say that things that lived in 2009 bilateral relations are erased from memories?

Having changeable characteristic from year to year for Turkish and Azerbaijan bilateral relations is not possible. We are mentioning about two brother states and attributing this brotherhood to the same relation methods with other countries is not true. From this point of view, 2011 bilateral relations went down into history as the year which new strong bonds added on past ones and a more absolute and undisputed association was announced to the world opinion. One of the most important samples of this is the election of Azerbaijan to UN Security Council as temporary member and – should be expressed proudly – the support of Turkey in this process. On the other hand the first foreign state that ran to Van earthquake was Azerbaijan. These directly symbolize “Blood Brothers”.

What if the behaviors of two brothers are, we are as such. Two brothers walk to the same aim but they may not want to apply same method every time. Sometime method debate can occur but this situation does not harm the soul of being brothers and it is not perceived as a permanent problem. Brother is brother. We, as two brother states, have common history and we are proceeding to walk after same aims for future. To carry anything in our memories cannot be in the question except the trust to each other and our glorious history.

Question 2: High pace political changes in 2011 that realized in Arab Countries caused Caucasus kept in background in priorities of Turkish Foreign Policy, didn’t it?

Lets shape our point of view in this subject as such “The spirit of human locates where pains”. Being exposed to bad management types and suffers for years of our brothers in Arabian countries maximized this pain’s intensity. That there, suffer has not ceased yet. It is obviously seen that this process is one of the most important foreign policy subjects which our country should focus on when we take into consideration the impact of this process as not only on a region or a country but also on continents. The approach of “Caucasus kept in background” is partly true but in terms of our country, providences about Caucasus like energy as first and transportation kept their places in agenda during this colicky period too. The projects Trans-Anatolia Pipeline and Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey Railway are all lived in this process.

Question 3: In case of full membership of Turkey to EU, can it contribute to strengthen social-economical and political reforms’ of Azerbaijan?

As a matter of fact full membership of Turkey to EU will not contribute only to Continental Europe. Turkey is in location of being a bridge among EU, Caucasus and Middle East. As known, Azerbaijan is included in ENPI “European Neighborhood Policy Instrument” of EU as well. Inclusion of Turkey in EU studies oriented towards neighborhood policies and using the resources to support these policies as a full member will give positive effects in terms of Azerbaijan. In political, social, cultural and economical subjects, the impacts of EU on Azerbaijan will get strength in favor of Azerbaijan inevitably.



Question 4: In solution of Nagorno Karabakh issue, for giving common response to countries like France where Armenian Lies take place which kind of activities can these two states engaged in together?

To supply trust atmosphere depends on goodwill about dialogue not only for Nagorno Karabakh but also for all dimensions of Armenia issues. Azerbaijan and Turkey declared their sincere intents clearly. We are ready to move forward in solution of issues with history and law studies that rest on official documents. The issue is that those who want to gain political profit over this issue want to neutralize our goodwill about this subject with the direct opposite methods. Especially, we observed regrettably Mr. Sarkozy’s inclusion to some focuses’ different calculations with the hope of rescuing his own political life.

But that, in foreign policy, to give sudden decisions are not right approaches. Hence, as both Azerbaijan and Turkey, we are going on our evaluations in a manner that will not harm our right stance. As known, there is a big reaction in France as well and the initiatives that want to cancel this law of prohibiting freedom of expression are going on.

As a result, Turkey and the brother state Azerbaijan will evaluate measures and approaches and then will announce the results of evaluation to world opinion according to the consequences of the struggle in French parliament among those who want this law and those who don’t want. 

Question 5: What are your basic expectations about Turkey and Azerbaijan political relations’ development in this year and following years?

As mentioned in the beginning, Turkey and Azerbaijan relations should be evaluated differently than the relations with other countries and should be looked over “Blood Brother ship” perspective. Our brother ship with Azerbaijan will go on to get strength in all fields in short and long term. My individual expectation in this year is that there will be more concrete collaborations especially in energy field. I guess that concrete steps will be picked up by passing to construction steps of Trans Anatolian Pipeline.  



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